What is Ulava Charu?

#1: What are Kondapalli Bommalu and why are they famous?

Kondapalli Bommalu (toys) are made from a sustainable source of soft wood known as Tella Poniki found near Kondapalli a village in Southern India. Each piece of the toy is carved by hand, then a paste of tamarind seed powder & sawdust is used to join pieces together and finished with vegetable dyes or enamel paint based on the type of the toys. The artisans mainly work on producing figures of mythology, animals, birds, bullock carts, rural life.

Due to usage of natural materials, their toys are a welcome & safe alternative to all the mass manufactured and toxic toys sold to kids. Plus a valuable instrument in introducing your child to the rich cultural heritage of the wonderful land of India.



#2: Orgins of Kondapalli Bommalu.

The tradition of crafting toys in Kondapalli is over 400 years old. The artisans who make the toys are known as Nakarshalu and claim their origin to Muktharishi, a sage endowed with skills in arts and crafts by Lord Shiva. It is believed that the original artisans migrated from Rajasthan and chose to settle in this region around 16th century. The descendants of these master artisans have carried their legacy forward till date.

Buy Kondapalli Bommalu Online?
Kondapalli Toys Online

#3: Where can you buy Kondapalli Bommalu Online?

Team LadduExpress is proud to partner directly with the Artisans in Kondapalli and bring these cultural treasures within reach of the Indian Diaspora. Keeping with our goal of supporting local producers and connecting them to markets worldwide, we are especially happy to launch this line of products.

Currently, we are offering Dashavatar - 10 Avatars of Vishnu and many more items. These make the perfect return gift for any celebration like House Warming or any pooja or vratams. You may also want to introduce these toys to your offspring and pass on the legacy of your homeland, rather than all the mass produced & toxic junk of today.